LIA Announces has added Health & Pharma – Jeremy Perrott to chair the inaugural jurie

New York, 13th February 2017) – London International Awards (LIA) has announced the addition of Health & Pharma as a new competition in the 2017 awards.

The introduction of the new medium is a reaction from LIA to a large number of requests from creatives for the inclusion of a Health & Pharmaceuticals award, and cements LIA’s position as one of the most progressive awards festivals in the world.

Barbara Levy, President of London International Awards, says: “The inclusion of Health & Pharmaceuticals is a decision that stems from listening to those from across the creative industry who are so passionate about the work they create in this space. They’re the ones who made us realize that we needed to take action. We continually work with, and listen to the opinions of, those in our industry to enhance LIA, with a desire to celebrate the very best creative work at the heart of every decision we make.”

Jeremy Perrott, Chief Creative Officer at McCann Health, has agreed to chair the inaugural juries.

liaJuries, plural?

Yes, LIA will have two separate juries for this competition. Three days will be dedicated to judging Pharmaceuticals; followed by three days of judging for Health & Wellness. The work will be split so it’s being judged fairly based on the different criteria. Pharma has stricter, more complex rules and regulations to produce work, different from any consumer or wellness material. Understanding this will reinforce LIA’s intent and commitment to celebrate the diligence and achievements of the pharma industry as a new powerful creative domain. In addition, the juries will have producers, designers and art directors, as well as creatives, so the real meaning and appreciation of craft is awarded and understood as an integral component of producing great work.

Jeremy Perrott comments: “The global health communications industry is evolving at an ever faster pace. Better talent. More sophisticated innovative solutions. Smarter clients, demanding and encouraging more from their partners. Work once confusing, lost and not exciting is now being recognized for incredible creativity, stunning integrated and interactive solutions. Connecting more consumers more often with messaging, information of life changing ideas. Ideas that come from the most significant and influential business today. Health. London International Awards not only recognizes the outstanding work being achieved but the quality of the craft it takes to connect communities, governments, institutions, patients, doctors and the many others who rely now on health to be informed educated and connected. This new festival is what we need in our industry to continue raising the standards, expectations and goals so that we do not stagnate, or become mundane.”

About LIA (

London International Awards (LIA) is a global festival honoring creativity and new ideas in Advertising, Production, Digital, Design, Music & Sound, Technology, Innovative Ideas and Health & Pharma. The awards, founded in 1986 by President Barbara Levy, began by honoring advertising in the realms of Cinema, Television, Print and Radio worldwide, evolving since its inception into 18 unique media types. It was the first truly international advertising awards of its kind to acknowledge all media and methods from all over the world to be judged by a diverse global jury. Every member on each Jury Panel, including the Jury President, judges all entries, excluding their own work, in their respective media. Each Jury has the discretion to award a Grand LIA within the media they are judging.

Source: Paul Mona, Little Black Book | Writer + Strategist | (GC)

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