Booyah instantly connects WhatsApp friends and groups to a live video chat experience of up to 12 people

Tel Aviv, Israel – Rounds, a social communication platform that brings playful interaction to group video chat, announced the launch of Booyah, a one tap, super-fast and free group video chat application that is designed to be a companion to WhatsApp. With no registration or login required, Booyah users can make group video calls with any of their friends or groups.

Booyah strips down all barriers and instantly connects users with their WhatsApp contacts at the tap of a button, using a sleek, one-screen design. A simple, quick, casual and fun application, Booyah is powered by Rounds’ technology and is built on the principle that group video chat should be easy and fast, emulating real-life spontaneous communication.

Booyah’s group video chats are ephemeral and are built on the premise that friends invite friends, thus encouraging users to expand their social circle. Booyah also gives users the luxury of joining a video chat when they’re available by sending a live conversation link through WhatsApp, enabling users to join the video chat at any time. This eliminates the need for the old fashioned calling mechanism of synchronized invitation, and allows for asynchronized communication where users can join the chat at their convenience.

“In contrast to currently available chat applications, we remove every point of friction for our users, including logins, account creation and verification, even group admins,” said Ilan Leibovich, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Rounds. “We put the power back in the hands of the users, show them we respect their time, and give them the opportunity to expand their social network.”

The new app was designed specifically to act as a companion to WhatsApp, though is not limited to their users. If Booyah doesn’t identify WhatsApp on a user’s mobile device, the app allows for connection on any other messaging platform.

“WhatsApp is the pioneer in group messaging, and therefore was the natural choice as the primary companion to Booyah,” said Dany Fishel, CEO of Rounds. “We took it one step further, and brought Snapchat’s ephemerality to group video chat, making these live conversations easy and casual. Ultimately, it’s our job to do all the labor intensive steps, and all you need to do to join a group chat is show up – and Booyah!”

Booyah is a secure app which doesn’t collect any personal information from its users. Nothing that happens on Booyah is shared back to WhatsApp or saved on the user’s device. The app offers HD quality audio and video calls for up to 12 people and will soon incorporate additional interactive layers.

Booyah is available for download on iOS and will be available on Google Play soon.

About Booyah

Booyah is a super-fast, casual and fun way to meet your friends and groups live. A one-tap group video chat application, Booyah offers a live conversation experience designed as a companion to WhatsApp and other major messaging platforms. Developed by Rounds, Booyah aims to provide a frictionless experience with no registration or personal information required, allowing for live group video chats at the tap of a button.

About Rounds

Rounds is a live communication application whose mission is to facilitate live video chat interaction, allowing friends to experience life together in real-time. Using Rounds, friends can get together and send text messages, video chat with up to 12 participants, and engage in activities while chatting – like watching videos, playing games, sharing photos and much more. Rounds is a mobile-first video chat application that operates transversely across multiple networks, operating systems, and devices. Rounds has raised a total of $22 million in funding from industry leading investors, including Sequoia Capital, Samsung Ventures, Verizon Ventures, Rhodium, DFJ’s Tim Draper, and other private investors. Learn more about Rounds

Source: Marissa Shapiro | Headline Media

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